ECO and FARMER II hydraulic log splitters: F13 & F16 ECO 
Application: ideal for private users, for associated farmers. 
On ECO model 
  • removable cylinder: good for storing in the garage.
On FARMER II model
  • More power: 13, 16, 19 tons;
  • Greater clearance: 1.15 m standard clearance (except F13 ECO) and more, depending on the extension option;
  • Greater stability: large area sheet metal table, non-slip with 3 lead-in slopes;
  • Greater productivity: two speeds for lowering the cylinder means increased productivity while preserving splitting power.
General Characteristics 
  • Frame:  Mashine-welded, strongly built frame;
  • Drive:  Tractor pump with 2 hoses and 2 couplers with 1/2 male flaps;
  • Transport: 3 point linkage No 1 and No 2;
  • Safety: Bimanual controls, wedge stops automatically as soon as the controls are released. Log-clamping system independent from the bimanual controls;
  • Regulations: Compiles with European regulations and EN 609-I European norm.
MODEL F13 Eco F16 Eco
Linkage 3 point linkage category N°1 or N°2 3 point linkage category N°1 or N°2
Power 13T 16T

Maximum clearance under cutting


1.05m / 3.46ft 1.05m / 3.46ft
Dimensions (diam. piston/diam. rod) 90/50mm - 3.60/2in 100/65mm - 4/2.6in
Total height 2.55m / 8.41ft 2.69m / 8.88ft
Table dimensions length 0.72m / 28.80in x 0.50m / 20in length 0.78m / 31.20in x 0.55m / 22in
Total weight 230kg / 506lb 273kg /521lb
Length of the cutting wedge 170mm / 6.80in 200mm / 8.00in
Drive Tractor pump with 2 couplers or
PTO 540rpm, flow 25L/min
Tractor pump with 2 couplers or
PTO 540rpm, flow 25L/min