Hydramet (Poland) equipment is very handy not only for loading and unloading but also for building and ground work. The functionality of this machine is extended by a wide range of working tools ranging from various types of buckets through to Log Grab and wide irrigation buckets. The ideal choice is a connection with the front loader. The augmented capabilities of this machine coupled to its reasonable price, outreach and digging depth have created interest outside of the farming industry.

The Loader is designed to work with a minimum of 14kN tractors. It requires the minimum delivery rating of a tractors pump 40l/min., otherwise the additional hydraulic pump has to be used.

Standard equipment includes:
  • Loading arm;
  • Hydraulically lowered A-frame;
  • Hydraulic valve control with hydraulic installation;
  • Movable operators seat ( steering from the cabin is optional);
  • Digging bucket- width 0.5m.
Additional equipment:
  • Digging bucket- width 0.25m. (0.063 m³);
  • Digging bucket- width 0.4m. (0.1m³);
  • Digging bucket-width 0.5m. (0.12m³);
  • Digging bucket- width 0.8m (0.2m³);
  • Irrigation buckets- width 1.4m.;
  • Loose substance scoop (0.3m³);
  • Manure fork;
  • Bale grab with rotational head;
  • Hydraulic pump;
  • Steering from the cabin;
Technical description:
Model H500 H500T (with teleskopic arm)
Load capacity, kg 600 460
Max reach, mm 4400 5060
Loading height, mm 4330 4830
Bucket digging depth, mm 3200 3000