July 7, the grain husbandry "Irbites" (Valka district) organized the Field Day to demonstrate their methods of grain growing, seed banks creating and field cultivation technologies. The husbandry specializes on growing grain and rape cultures. For several years in close cooperation with argonomists and seed/argochemistry companies the husbandry has been working on creation and improvement of heavy-productive variety seed bank. The doctor of economics Rihards Circenis, the husbandry's manager (which is of almost 1500 ha), is our long-time client - "Irbites" owns several models of Belarus tractor and soil aggregates. 

Decpite that day weather vagaries, the hospitable owners successfully managed all the day program which inclided an exploration of local implemented agrotechnologies: there were  several field lectures and demonstration of soil cultivation methods with the machines.First time on local fields M.T.Z.-serviss represented a novice of Bobruiskselmash - a disk-soil cultivator APD-7,5. The aggregate is designed for not-deep preparatory soil cultivation, putting liquid dung, slot mulching and possible, planting fillers. The technologies of not-deep cultivation is already familiar to the Latvian farmer, new is an offer coming from Belorussian producer, that is why the aggregate's field test on local soil was particularly intriguing. 

Other models of equipment presented by M.T.Z.-serviss this day were Dieci telescopic loader Apollo 25.6; tractors Belarus 1523.4 (Euro 3 stand., Deutz  engine) and Belarus 422 (Lombardini engine) equipped with  Humus 1,5m shredder.